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Allow your precious little girl to stay all warm and cosy with one of our girls' jackets. Coming in a variety of prints and colours, they are so pretty she will have them on all day and won’t want to take them off.

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PRTCHARON JR Lightweight jacket

CZK 2457.28

CENTRO JR Lightweight jacket

CZK 1179.37
CZK 1474.27

Buy a girls' jacket

Our outdoor girls' jackets come in a flexible material so she can play outside with her friends while feeling natural. Acting as a second layer of protective skin, it is breathable and water repellent to make her comfortable all day long. Zip up fleeces for girls are another great option for milder winters coming in several different fabrics such as teddy bear fur or quick-drying tech fleece. Fleeces can be worn both as an outer layer on their own or as a mid layer in colder weather. Our Geotech series of girls' jackets are suited for more vigorous sports activities such as snowboarding or skiing. With a higher level of windproof and water repellent protection, the robust fabric will make sure your daughter is dry on the slopes. The jacket is breathable from the inside with effective moisture wicking technology. For even colder weather, our collection of quilted girls' jackets will do the trick. Warm air will be trapped in the jacket’s air pockets to keep your girl insulated from the low ambient temperatures. With a high collar and warm hood it will keep the head and neck protected as well. Many of our girls' jackets come with pockets for her to store things in conveniently. Many of these pockets are either covered with a flap or can be zipped up to prevent the contents from falling out. Zippered that are covered with a water repellent coating can help prevent water seepage through the zipper cracks. The practically designed girls' jackets are a wardrobe essential for your daughter. Our jackets are the perfect companion for every coming season.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Why not try searching our girls' jackets per category: lightweight jackets or winter jackets. The hunt is on. Good luck.


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