Protest supports The Surf Project

Surfing towards a better life

Did you know surfing is therapeutic? This is the basis of the work the Surf Project foundation is doing. Kids who are challenged with conditions like ADHD and Down syndrome are given surf lessons with the aim of building their confidence. These children surf in small groups with a certified coach. It’s clear that surfing makes them feel proud of themselves and this leads to a boost in their self-esteem. These improved skills are crucial in their everyday lives.

When we heard about the Surf Project, we just knew we had to support this great cause. To make a significant contribution, we started two initiatives. The first is the creation of a capsule collection of swimwear. The second is the auctioning off of an awesome 4 by 4, all terrain Gobanna 1500b Mini Caravan. The proceeds of both of these two initiatives will go straight to the Surf Project.

The Surf Project Capsule Collection

Protest wanted to contribute to the work the Surf Project is doing. So doing what Protest does best, their designers created a special capsule collection of summer styles with a perfect fusion of function and fun. The sale of these styles started in March 2019 and has created a profit of €15.682! This great amount of money will be paid evenly over the next three years to the Surf Project. With the donation of this profit, the Surf Project can organize many more surfing lessons in the future and make even more dreams come true.

Prunelle Halter neck bikini Black
Sale price771.34 Regaular Price1,542.94

Gobanna 1500b Mini Caravan Auction

To further contribute to this great cause, Protest has organized an auction this summer. In 2018 Protest created their own teardrop caravan with all terrain tyres, a roll cage and an imperial on the roof for the surfboards. The inside represents true Protest style with a built-in kitchenette and a two persons bed. This is truly an off-road wonder with adventure in its DNA.

The auction has recently closed and has raised €10.000! This is an overwhelming result. With this initiative, Protest makes an additional contribution to the great work that this foundation is doing.


During the fifth anniversary of the Surf Project, on September 22, Protest handed over two checks to the Surf Project. The two initiatives combined made the significant contribution of more than €25.000.

“We are extremely proud that we can call the Surf Project our partner and we are delighted that we can support them with this donation, this is not only what they need, but also deserve”. – Caroline Dekker, CEO Protest Sportswear.

“To get there”.