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Women Flip flops

That moment when you put on your flip flops for the first time after a long winter... the sweetest moment of the year, right? Buy your new women’s flip flops here and make the most of that moment!

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18 products

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Flip flops are a must-have in any summer wardrobe. And a successful summer calls for a great pair of flip flops! Sure, you can nip into town to buy your new flip flops – or you can sit back and relax and order them online! Browse our stylish collection of beautiful flip flops and get into the summer spirit. Double the fun! Once you've found your flip flops, have them delivered and try them on in the comfort of your own home. Happy shopping!

Different types of flip flops

Most of the flip flops in our online collection are thong flip flops, which are perfect for all kinds of occasions. You can wear them at the beach or by the pool, but they’re also great to wear around the house. And they’re so versatile that you can even wear them in the shower! The versatility of our flip flops is partly down to the material they’re made of. Our flip flops are super light and flexible, so they’re really easy to pack in your backpack or suitcase. Besides thongs, our flip flops collection always features a range of sandals. Wondering what the main difference is between a normal thong flip flop and a sandal? Well, it’s all in the ankle strap. This ankle strap ensures that sandals stay on your feet just that little bit better than a regular flip flop. Besides being super practical, the ankle strap also adds a trendy and summery touch to your outfit. Don’t you think?

Women’s flip flops with fun extras

The latest fashions don’t just find their way into our women’s clothing collections; our flip flops are also designed and produced according to the latest trends. Each collection has a surprising mix of fun flip flops in different colours made of different materials, such as flip flops with decorative stones or Ibiza-style flip flops. In our collection you will also find flip flops featuring all kinds of fun prints, such as stripes and floral prints. Plenty of choice for all you fashion-conscious women!

Women’s flip flops in all kinds of colours

The more colourful the better, right? Well, we think so! That’s why our collection not only includes flip flops with eye-catching prints, but also beautiful flip flops in basic colours. White flip flops, black flip flops, and blue flip flops are always firm favourites – and you’ll always find these basic colours in our collection. It’s always useful to have a pair of these basic models in your wardrobe. We also love to experiment with colours, which results in some fantastic colour combinations. Variety is the spice of life, right?

Different materials

We make our flip flops from a variety of materials, including rubber, PU, EVA, and polyethylene. The great thing about rubber is that it’s durable and elastic. PU (polyurethanes) is super strong, it doesn’t deform, and it’s elastic and long-lasting. EVA is light as a feather, flexible, and shock-absorbent. And finally, polyethylene is also strong and wear-resistant. And it’s recyclable! No matter what material our flip flops are made of, you can rest assured that they are flexible and will last a long time.

Women’s flip flops in the sale

We have flip flops in all standard women’s sizes, from size 36 to 42. Want to make sure that we still have your size in stock? Then don’t hang about! Order your new flip flops on time. At the end of each summer season, all of our flip flops go on SALE. Make sure you’re on time – you don’t want to miss out on your size. If you want to know when our offers start, then sign up for our newsletter! We’ll keep you informed about new collections and other exciting news.

Complete your beach outfit!

If your summer wardrobe is in desperate need of an upgrade, then you’ll probably need more than just a new pair of flip flops. Luckily, in our shop you’ll find a wide range of swimwear items alongside flip flops – so you can create super-trendy summer outfits: bikinis, mix & match bikinis, beach shorts, swimsuits and beach towels. Need some style advice? Or do you have a question? Then get in touch with our Customer Service Team! We'd be happy to help!


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