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If you fancy a stylish jacket for yourself then look no further than our collection of women's jacket. Whether you are looking for something light or something warm, something long or something compact, we have the right jacket for you.

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PRTIKU Puffer ski jacket

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Our jackets for women come in a variety of fabulous colours and beautiful prints that will help you stand out from your crowd of friends when you go out. Perfect both as casual streetwear and intense winter sports wear the women's jackets in the Geotech series use a special fabric that is both water repellent and wind proof. To give you a truly moisture-free outdoor experience, the fabric wicks it out with ease to keep you nice and dry.

Both sides of our jackets for women have large pockets for you to keep your important personal items in. When you choose to wear one of our women's jacket with closable pockets, you won’t have to worry about your keys or wallet falling out anymore. The flaps and zippers also prevent water and snow from going into the pocket to keep your valuables as dry as your body. Some of the zippers are coated with an extra layer of waterproofing to stop water from seeping through the cracks.

High collars and hoods on our women's jackets wrap your head in a protective layer to give your head as much protection from the wind and snow as the rest of your body. The hoods can be tightened with a drawstring to make sure wind doesn’t leak in through the gaps. The cuffs may also be adjustable with a velcro strap to close up the gap with your gloves on your wrists. In warmer winters or thawing snow our mid layer fleeces also act as great standalone outer women's jackets. Breathable and highly flexible, the super soft fleecy touch will make you feel pampered as you go about your day. These fleeces come in both hooded and unhooded varieties to suit your tastes. Don’t hesitate anymore, our jackets for women are essentials for your wardrobe and a great companion to wear with you when you go out in winter.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Why not try searching our women’s jackets per category: lightweight jackets, outdoor jackets or winter jackets. The hunt is on. Good luck.


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