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Your son may feel that multiple layers of protective clothing may feel restrictive when skiing or snowboarding on the slopes, but our zip up fleeces are able to stretch four ways thanks to the technology available in power stretch material.

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PRTGREBE JR Fleece zip up


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Now he can pull off all sorts of cool moves that will make his friends jealous and still give you the peace of mind that he is warm and cozy. Our zip up fleeces don’t just look great, there are also provide you with a range of options to choose from. There are thinner boys' fleece mid layers that have a half zip at the front for milder weather on the slopes as well as thicker zip up fleeces that zip all the way down for colder climates. In addition to zipper options you can also choose a boys' fleece with a hoodie so even the head and neck areas are protected from wind and snow. The super smooth micro fleece fabric isn’t just flexible, our boys' fleeces are also breathable to keep the body dry so skin becomes less irritable to stagnant sweat accumulated within multiple layers of clothing. Its light weight makes it a great winter companion to carry around in case weather conditions are unstable between seasons. Its robust construction makes it a suitable outer layer in warmer weather as well as being an insulating mid layer. There are options for separate side pockets or one large kangaroo pocket in the front to keep hands warm or to store personal items. The colour schemes available from our stock makes the zip up fleece suitable for the slope as well as the streets. Choose one of our fabulous looking and practical boys' fleeces for your son this coming winter.


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