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Our boys' hoodies come in a variety of materials and thicknesses as well as a range of cool colours and awesome prints to offer your son with more choice than most. Whether it’s mild winters to chilly weather we have the right hoodie for him.

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We have both pullover boys' hoodies as well as zip up hoodies to suit his needs. The pullover hoodie is a simple classic design that avoids the hassle of getting fabric stuck in zippers. The zip up models provide more access and ease of layering with other jackets and shirts. The zipper may be covered or coated with a layer of water repellent plastic to keep snow and water out. Pullover boys' hoodies have large kangaroo pockets giving your son flexible storage space for his daily essentials while zip up hoodies have separated pockets for more effective categorisation. The sleeves and the bottom of the boys' hoodie has elastic bands for a snug fit to keep him warm. The hood can be adjusted with a drawstring mechanism to keep the chilly winter breeze out. Materials on our boys' hoodies range from a melange knit to smooth fleecy fabrics. These materials are breathable from the inside and stretchy not he outside to allow him to play outside for as long as he wants. It will move as he moves about so he can stay active. The colours on them are designed to match with our other boys' winter clothing items, be sure to check out our range of clothes to get him an awesome matching set. With so many prints and patterns to choose from he will want to have one in his wardrobe this winter. Delay no more, pick out a hoodie for your boy today.


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