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Get your son one of our boys' jackets to keep him warm and cozy. You can have the best of both worlds boy knowing that he will be protected from the elements and looking cool with his friends outside in our practical and stylish jackets for boys.

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There are several different levels of thickness to choose from in our boys' jacket; the popular robust Geotech series, Geotech jackets with padding, and quilted winter jackets for boys. Geotech jackets feature water repellent and windproof qualities that will protect your son from snow and sleet on the slopes. Jackets with extra padding on the shoulders and chest will provide extra warmth while still possessing the same great windproof and water repellent qualities. Quilted jackets for boys are slightly thicker but with significantly more insulation for even lower temperatures. It separates his body heat from the cold ambient temperature by forming air pockets in between.

All of our boys' jackets come with hoods and high collars to keep his head and neck as well-protected as the rest of his body. The adjustable strap on the hood allows it to be loosened to accommodate headwear or tightened to deal off the cracks for a snug fit. The cuffs on the jacket for boys may also be adjustable with a velcro strap that can wrap around a pair of gloves to keep his body heat close to his body. With large pockets on both sides, our boys' jackets make it easy for him to bring small items around with him or bring home his newfound treasures of the natural world. Closable pockets ensure that the contents in them won’t fall out even if he is active outdoors. Our other boys’ winter clothes like snow trousers and gloves are designed to match the boys' jackets. Give him a matching set of awesome snow wear this winter to show off to his friends.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Why not try searching our boys' jackets per category: lightweight jackets or winter jackets. The hunt is on. Good luck.


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