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Boys Snowboard jackets

If you want your little boy to stay dry and warm all winter long, then you should look no further than our boys' snowboard jackets. He will be sure to love the cool rebellious look of the snowboard jackets so much he won’t want to take it off.

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We know boys love to take their essentials with them wherever they go, and when they go outside they may discover things that they want to take home with them. That’s why all boys' snowboard jackets come with conveniently located pockets that may be enclosed with flaps or zippers to keep its contents from falling out. The closed pockets are also useful for keeping water out of the jacket to enhance its waterproof properties. Our boys' snowboard jackets come in a variety of styles to suit different weather conditions. One of our more popular models are a part of our Geotech series. Water repellent and breathable, it is the practical choice for snowboarding in winter. Wicking moisture and sweat off the skin and mid layers helps him stay clear and dry so he can stay on the slopes for as long as he wants. The Geotech snowboard jackets do come in thicker varieties that have extra padding on the shoulder and chest for enhanced insulation. For even colder temperatures, our quilted boys' snowboard jackets are the choice for you, with thicker layers and air pockets that help trap heat, it will make sure he stays warm for extended periods of time outdoors. Different quilting patterns are available as are a variety of cool colours and exciting prints. Other features of our boys' snowboard jackets include an integrated hood that keeps the head and neck warm. The hoods are adjustable with a drawstring mechanism for a tight fit that keeps the cold winter chills out. Some models feature a high collar that doubles up as a face mask and longer lengths to give more protection to areas below the waist. Our boys' snowboard jackets are your son’s perfect companion for his next adventure in the great outdoors.


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