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Girls Swim shorts

If you’re planning a family beach outdoors this summer, you have to get a pair of our girls' beach shorts for your daughter. They come in three different styles and dozens of patterns to help create her personal look.

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The three styles of girls' swim shorts include regular length swim shorts, extra short swim shorts, and flexible swim shorts. Our regular length swim shorts are made of a quick drying fabric that contains mainly polyester. Being a synthetic material derived from plastics, polyester is a durable material that can withstand rough treatment when your daughter goes out to play on the sand. The extra short swim shorts are more lightweight and allow your beloved girl a greater degree of freedom while still retaining the same great protective qualities as their regular length counterparts. The waistband is made of elastic and crinkled up to allow for expansion and contraction to fit different body sizes. The drawstring mechanism allows her to tighten the fit when she goes into the water so she feels comfortable all day long. The swim shorts are made of a flexible material that feel like a second set of skin on her. Swim shorts that come with a wider waistband on the side help distribute pressure equally along the waist to not feel too constricting, while still providing the same grip as other shorts. Designed with a fabulous look in mind, the colours on our girls' swim shorts will look perfect when matched with our girls’ flIp flops and other beachwear accessories. Sporting so many features, it’ll be hard to miss our girls' swim shorts as wardrobe essentials for your daughter this summer. Come choose a matching set of summer beach clothing for her today.


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