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Stand out from the rest of the crowd with our range of men's shirts. Our long and short sleeve shirts are made using durable textiles that look and feel good. They can be paired with a wide range of trousers to create a relaxed or sophisticated look.

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PRTRUNDIS Fleece shirt


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Long sleeve shirts

A classic long sleeve shirt is the ideal garment for chilly autumn days. It provides just the right amount of warmth to keep you comfortable. Our men's long sleeve shirts are also great for layering. They can be worn as an inner layer with most outfits and work great when combined with an outdoor jacket for added warmth. Our collection includes long sleeve shirts for everyday use and shirts that can be worn to special occasions to create a bold statement that will leave you feeling confident. You can pair them with trousers from our streetwear collection for a relaxed look. The soft cotton textiles that are our long sleeve men's shirts are made from will keep you dry and comfortable as you go about your day. The textile is resistant against fading and will last many seasons, even with regular washing. Some of our long sleeve shirts feature brushed cotton that will allow you to move freely as you go about your day. For a more adventurous look, you can pair one of our men's long sleeve shirts with three-quarter trousers. The look is not only stylish but practical too, it keeps your upper body warm and leaves your legs free to explore. Pairing a men's long sleeve shirt with jeans will leave you with a relaxed look that is perfect for exploring the city streets on cooler days. Whether you are looking for something smart or casual, our range of men's long sleeve shirts has your back covered. Why not browse through them, you are sure to find the right one for your needs without too much fuss.

Short sleeve shirts

For a more sophisticated look, you can pair a button-up men's short sleeve shirt with a pair of three-quarter trousers from our streetwear collection. You will look sharp and ready to take on the city streets in the perfect outfit for a spring or summer day. Our short sleeve shirts come in a variety of cuts, from classic to slim-fit, we have your back covered. The soft and durable cotton material will keep you feeling cool and comfortable for many seasons to come. The natural fibres gently wick away moisture to keep your skin dry and will not chafe or irritate your skin. Our men's short sleeve shirts are perfect for layering and can be worn under a warmer garment on chilly days. You can also wear your short sleeve shirt over one of our long sleeved streetwear shirts for a relaxed yet confident look. Men's short sleeve shirts offer loads of versatility and are a staple item that should be in every guy's closet. Our printed men's short sleeve shirts are the perfect daily streetwear garment. You can pair them with a pair of trousers from our streetwear collection for a day in the city streets and a comfortable look that will express your unique personality. For a beach look, you can pair a comfy men's short sleeve shirt with boardshorts and flip-flops. Whatever the look you want to create, our men's short sleeve shirt collection is sure to have the right shirt for your needs. Their practical design and inspired prints will let you stand out from the crowd without too much effort. Why not go ahead and browse the collection to find the right one for you?


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