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Men Winter jackets

Are you looking for a cool winter jacket? Browse our extensive collection of winter jackets for men! Which do you prefer: a long parka or a short, sporty style?

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114 products

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Shop online for men's winter jackets

Shopping for a new winter jacket online is incredibly easy. You can browse through the entire collection at your leisure without even leaving the house. Perfect! If you're looking for a new winter jacket, you've come to the right place. Protest carries a wide selection of cool winter jackets in various styles, from sporty to stylish. This makes shopping fun, even for men who hate to shop!

Long winter jackets

Long jackets, also known as parkas, are a popular men's style at the moment. In addition to keeping you warm, long jackets are incredibly stylish. Another advantage is that they keep your lower half warm, even on a cold bus stop bench or in the freezing stands at a football match.

Short winter jackets

While this isn't the case with short winter jackets, they do have other advantages. Short jackets tend to have more padding for added warmth and are slightly more practical than longer jackets. This also tends to make short jackets sportier-looking than long jackets. One thing's for sure: whether you choose a short jacket or a long jacket, you're sure to stay warm all winter long!

Waterproof winter jackets

The cold isn't the only thing a winter jacket should be designed to keep out; a waterproof jacket should also protect against rain and snow. There's no way to make a jacket 100% waterproof, as you wouldn't be able to walk under the weight of all the tape you’d need to put on the inside to make it impermeable. However, all of our men's winter jackets were specially treated to help keep rain and snow at bay. For more information about waterproofing, read our guide: Water resistance and breathability of ski wear. Our jackets also feature fully or partially taped seams to prevent moisture from seeping in.

Warm winter jackets

Warmth is one of the most important qualities of a winter jacket. The amount of padding is used to determine the warmth of a jacket. In general, the more padding, the warmer the jacket. However, everyone perceives warmth differently and how warm you feel also depends on how active you are while wearing the jacket. All of our men's winter jackets are suitable for wearing in extremely cold weather. The breathable quality of our winter jackets makes them perfect for winter bicycle rides and walks. In short: our winter jackets offer the best of both worlds!

Different styles

In addition to different lengths and thicknesses, winter jackets come in a variety of styles, such as parkas, soft shell jackets, quilted winter jackets, and anoraks. We have the perfect winter jacket to suit all tastes and preferences.

Different colours

Once you've found your favourite style, it's time to choose a colour. You can play it safe with grey or black, or you can go for a bolder colour, such as red or green. You can also choose an exciting print, such as camouflage or checks.

Different sizes

The last step when buying a new winter jacket online is to choose a size. You may think you need to take the thickness of your clothing into account when determining your size. If you do, you'd be likely to size up. But with our winter jackets, you don't have to! We took clothing into account when designing and sizing our winter jackets, which means you can choose your usual size. If you're debating between two sizes, such as L and XL, consider the fit of the jacket. If it's a slim-fit style, choose the larger size and if it's a loose-fit style, choose the smaller size.

Sporty winter jackets for men

The biggest advantage of shopping for a new winter jacket at Protest: most of our winter jackets double as ski and snowboard jackets! This means skiers and snowboarders get a two-for-one deal on our winter jackets. These jackets can be identified by their technical specifications, such as the lift pass holder (usually a zip pocket on the left sleeve) and a waist gaiter, which helps to keep out the snow when you take a tumble. These specs are perfect both on and off the slopes. The lift pass holder, for example, can be used to store money or a bank card and the waist gaiter helps to keep out the winter chill. Some styles even have a removable waist gaiter!

Winter jacket SALE

At the end of each winter season, all of our winter jackets go on sale. The sale doesn't include jackets from the new collection, but you can find jackets from previous collections for a great price. This means you can shop for on-sale winter jackets year-round!


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