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Toddlers UV swim shirts

Summer's here! Let's get your toddler kitted out with the best swimwear. Shop our great toddler UV swim shirts and keep your toddler protected from the sun this summer.

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Buy a toddler's UV swim shirt

So the warm weather has finally arrived, and you're planning a few beach or pool trips. Maybe you're headed somewhere exotic and hot on a family holiday. Sounds dreamy! But let's make sure that your toddler has all the swimwear they need so that you can all have an amazing time, splashing away! We've got all the toddler swimwear you could ever need, including our brilliant toddler UV swim shirts. Sun protection is important, but it's especially key to get it right for your little ones, who have the most sensitive skin. With our cute toddler UV swim shirts, you can rest easy knowing that your little one will be protected from the harsh rays of the sun. All our toddler UV swim shirts have UPF 50, so your toddler will be safe to play outside without getting sunburnt. (Don't forget the sun cream and a good peaked cap or sunhat too!) You want to make the most of the time out by the pool or relaxing and playing together at the beach. You'll have extra peace of mind with our rash guards for kids, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself. There's nothing quite like watching your little one take their first dip or become more confident in the water! Our toddler UV swim shirts come in a variety of colours and styles, with options for toddler boys and girls. Your toddler will look adorable in our cute designs. Our toddler rash guards are specially designed to be really comfortable for your little one, so they can play all day. Quick-drying and gentle on little kids' skin, a rash guard is the ideal swimwear choice for your little one. Our rash guards are sure to become your toddler's favourite thing to wear, if it means they get to have fun in the pool or dash in and out of the waves. Make sure you're ready for summer with our cute UV swimwear for toddlers.


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