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Toddlers UV swimsuits

Looking for swimwear for your toddler? You'll love our range of toddler UV swimsuits, perfect for protecting your little one's skin for hours of fun in the water!

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Buy a toddler's UV swimsuit

Whether you're jetting off somewhere far-flung and exotic this year, planning a few day trips to the beach or some regular sessions at the local lido, you'll need the right UV swimwear for your toddler. Our precious young children's skin is so delicate and sensitive, and skin damage from exposure to the sun can have long-term consequences. The best solution is to get a toddler UV swimsuit for your little one. You'll breathe easy knowing that all the toddler UV swimsuits in our range have 50 UPF, so your little one will be able to play all day without you having to fret, or cut short your time at the beach. With our cute, practical swimsuits, a handy sunhat or peaked cap and a bottle of sun cream, you'll be able to relax and make the most of these special moments. Watching your child play in the water creates beautiful memories that you will treasure for years to come! Our toddler UV swimsuits are specially designed with little kids in mind, to make sure that they will be comfortable and be able to move and play freely. With quick-drying fabric, our swimsuits are great, even for those with sensitive skin. Your little one will be able to pop in and out of the waves all day, in between a quick break for an ice cream or to build an impressive sandcastle with Dad (complete with a moat, and shells and stones for decoration, of course!). Our swimsuits come in a range of gorgeous, bright colours and patterns. It goes without saying that your toddler will look adorable in her swimsuit, so don't forget to catch a few snaps for the family holiday album! Make sure you're ready for lots of fun at the beach or pool this summer with our range of cute toddler UV swimsuits!


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