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While some other brands of fleeces may feel restrictive to wear, our range of girls' fleeces are a pleasure to be in thanks to flexible fabric that is stretchable. Suitable for active children, they come in all sorts of exciting colours to match their crazy moves on the slopes.

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PRTMISSY 23 JR Leopard fleece mid layer




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Our powerstretch zip up fleeces come in a range of colours to match her personality while she’s pulling off those cool moves on the slopes. Our thicker girls' fleeces provide more protection in inclement weather and typically come with a full sipper in the front. The thinner options are suitable as an insulating mid layer when worn with a protective soft-shell winter sports jacket and feature a half zipper for great heat retention capabilities. Some of our fleeces even come with an integrated hood to protect the head and neck from harsh winter winds. The girls' fleeces use a micro fleece material to keep the body warm on the slopes. Breathable and lightweight, it reduces the amount of sweat on the skin to make it comfortable to wear all day long. Unwanted sweat that accumulates on the skin may cause itches and rashes. In warmer weather, the zip up fleeces for girls also act as a suitable outer layer for casual streetwear in warmer weather. The thoughtful design process for our girls' fleeces include generous pockets to help keep delicate hands warm or store useful personal items like wallets and keys. These pockets can come as one large kangaroo pocket for flexible storage or two smaller side pockets for easy categorisation. You would not want to miss the opportunity for your daughter to pretty up with her friends dressed in a functional mid layer. Come and choose one of our zip up fleeces for your little one today.


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