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Women Swimsuits

The swimsuit is a swimwear icon and far from old-fashioned! In fact, swimsuits have made a real comeback in recent years. Have fun shopping for your stylish new swimsuit!

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Shop online for women's swimsuits

Buying a swimsuit used to be a tiring ordeal. It meant going from shop to shop and fitting room to fitting room in search of the perfect one. Fortunately things are a lot easier these days and you can find your perfect swimsuit online. Browse our stylish collection of swimsuits and get into the summer spirit. Double the fun! Once you've found your swimsuit, have it delivered and try it on in the comfort of your own home. Happy shopping!

Swimsuit or bathing suit?

Is there a difference between a swimsuit and a bathing suit? There can be. The terms are often used interchangeably to refer to the one-piece suit women swim in. Based on this definition, we sell both in our online shop. Sometimes the word swimsuit refers to the suit professional swimmers wear to swim laps. This is also known as a racer suit, which we don't carry in our collection. All of our swimsuits are chlorine-resistant, making them suitable for wearing in swimming pools.

Swimming suits according to the latest fashion trends

All Protest swimsuit collections are designed according to the latest swimwear trends from around the world to create a fun mix of stylish swimsuits. One of the most popular trends is the high-cut swimsuit, which is undeniably sexy. We like! We also carry swimsuits with trendy low-cut backs. In short: plenty of options for fashion-conscious sun worshippers to choose from!

Swimsuit with cups

Many women prefer a swimsuit with integrated cups, and we understand why! Integrated cups flatter your silhouette and highlight your feminine curves. Bonus: the cups in all of our swimsuits are removable, which means you can decide when to wear them. Great, right?

Different colours

The colours of our swimsuits also reflect the latest trends. Black is an iconic colour and a black swimsuit will never go out of style. If you're looking for a timeless style, you can't go wrong with black. We've experimented with lots of colours, prints, and combinations of both to create a unique collection that is perfectly on-trend. Which colour will you choose?

Wide range of sizes

Once you’ve finally found your new swimsuit, all you have to do is make sure you choose the right size. The swimsuits in our collection are available in sizes XS to XXL, giving you plenty to choose from. But how do you find the right size for you? Use our handy size chart! Measure your bust, waist, and hips and use our size chart to determine the perfect size for you. If you're unsure about which size to buy, feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to help!

PFC-free swimsuit

As of 2020, all of our women's swimwear will be PFC-free. PFC-what? PFC-free! PFC stands for per- and poly-fluorinated chemicals. PFC chemicals are man-made chemicals that do not occur naturally in our environment, making them non-biodegradable. PFC is primarily used to make garments water-repellent. Fortunately, there is a suitable alternative to PFCs, which we use in our swimsuits. Go green!

Swimsuits on SALE

At the end of each summer season, our swimsuits go on sale. This is the perfect opportunity to snag a new swimsuit for a great price! Tip: be sure to order fast, before your size sells out. Do you want to know when our offers start? Then sign up for our newsletter! We’ll keep you informed about new collections and other exciting news.

Not sure which style suits you best?

If you're not sure whether a swimsuit will flatter your body type, don't worry: you’re not the only one! We get that question all the time and we've wondered the same thing ourselves! That's why we created a special bikini style guide that takes you, step by step, through all the pros and cons of the different types of swimwear.

Complete your beach outfit!

If your summer wardrobe is in desperate need of an upgrade, then you’ll probably need more than just a new swimsuit. Luckily, in our shop you’ll find a wide range of swimwear items alongside swimsuits – so you can create super-trendy summer outfits: bikinis, mix & match bikinis, beach shorts, flip flops and beach towels. Need some style advice? Or do you have a question? Then get in touch with our Customer Service Team! We'd be happy to help!


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