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Women Ski jackets

A successful skiing holiday calls for the right ski jacket! We offer a wide range of ski jackets to suit all tastes: from trendy with a stylish twist to sporty jackets in bold colours. Bring on the slopes!

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PRTLANIAKEA Winter jacket

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PRTDAYLILY Floral winter jacket

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Buy a women's ski jacket

Shop online for women's ski jackets

When shopping for a ski jacket online, there are a few important things to keep in mind, such as waterproofing, breathability, and fit. In general, you should buy a ski jacket in your regular jacket size. Our stylish women's ski jackets were designed to be worn with two or three layers of clothes underneath. Pair your ski jacket with matching ski trousers, warm gloves or mittens, and a stylish beanie and you'll be ready to hit the slopes in no time.

Different lengths and fits

Ski jackets come in different lengths, from regular jackets to long ski jackets, also known as parkas. The right length for you depends on your personal taste and what you'll be doing while wearing it. Long jackets will help keep your bum dry when you fall or sit in the snow, and short jackets will give you more manoeuvrability on the slopes. Fit is just as important as length when deciding which ski jacket to buy. Our women's ski jackets come in a range of different styles, from slim fit to tailored to regular fit. We clearly specify the length and fit of each of our jackets, and the model photos give you a clear idea of how it fits.

Ski jackets in different colours and prints

We love to experiment with colours and prints, and the proof is in our new winter collection! Our ski jackets come in a wide variety of colours and when it comes to prints, our designers pulled out all the stops. From leopard print to army print to bright neon colours: this collection has it all! If you prefer a more subtle ski jacket, we have a wide selection of basic shades to choose from as well. Our collections always include a variety of black, white, red, and dark blue ski jackets.

Soft shell ski jackets

Soft shell ski clothing is great for several reasons. Soft shell jackets are breathable, windproof, and waterproof. The thermal lining traps body heat, keeping you warm as you work your way down the freezing slopes. Soft shell snow clothes also tend to be fitted and therefore extremely flattering, which is almost as important as a great fit!

Which technical specifications do you need?

Our ski jackets have several technical specifications that make them much more suitable for skiing than a standard women's jacket. All of our women's ski jackets feature a waist gaiter, which helps keep out the snow if you happen to take a tumble, and a lift pass holder with a zip. This is the perfect spot for safely storing your lift pass and guaranteeing you easy entrance through the gates. In addition to a lift pass holder, all of our women's ski jackets have lots of pockets for storing your phone, lip balm, and other essentials. Other specifications include sturdy YKK zips, Lycra lining on the sleeves, adjustable Velcro on the cuffs, and a pocket for storing your ski glasses.

How to choose the right ski jacket

All the different lengths, fits, colours, and prints can make finding the perfect ski jacket a little intimidating. Add to that the wide range of technical specifications and you might be left wondering which jacket is right for you. We regularly get questions like these about our ski jackets, which is why we wrote the ultimate guide for choosing the right ski jacket! In this guide, we explain what to look for when choosing a ski jacket, such as waterproofing and breathability. Both are extremely important qualities in a jacket, but preferences differ per skier. This guide also explains other specifications in detail.

Ski jacket as winter jacket?

Another frequently asked question is whether our women's ski jackets can be worn as regular winter jackets. The answer: absolutely! In fact, we design our snow clothing according to the latest fashion trends, which means you can wear your ski jacket both on and off the slopes! It would be a real shame if you could only wear your new ski jacket during ski season! As our ski jackets are designed to keep you warm in extreme conditions on the slopes, they will definitely keep you warm during chilly winters. Should the weather really turn cold in the Netherlands, we recommend wearing a down jacket instead. These jackets are warm and light, giving you the best of both worlds. They can also be rolled up compactly, making them easy to pack in a suitcase or bag and saving lots of room for other ski essentials!

Ski jacket fashion

Each year, we design our women's ski collection according to the latest fashion trends to offer a wide range of unique jackets that feature fresh colours, bold prints, and the most recent technical specs. In addition to a ski fashion collection, we produce a 'basic' collection each winter, consisting of ski jackets in classic colours such as black, grey, and blue.

Ski jackets in larger sizes

Everyone should have access to stylish and comfortable snow clothes, regardless of size! For this reason, we chose to produce all of our women's ski jackets in size XS/34 to XXL/44. If you're looking for a ski jacket in a large or a small size, Protest is the place to be! We also carry matching ski trousers and other ski clothing in these sizes.

Ski jacket for warm days

There's nothing better than hitting the slopes on a bright, warm, sunny day! But are there ski jackets designed with warmer days in mind? Absolutely! If you're looking for a ski jacket for warmer days, it should have the right specifications to keep you from overheating, such as underarm zip vents. These are zips you can open when you're warm and close when you start to get chilly. You should also keep the breathability rating of the jacket in mind. This is measured in the number of grams of water vapour that escapes in 24 hours per square meter of fabric. For example, 20,000 grams for a 20K jacket and 10,000 grams for a 10K jacket. The higher the K-factor, the more breathable the fabric.

Ski jacket waterproofing

The K-factor indicates the breathability of a fabric as well as another important quality: the degree of waterproofing. The higher the K-factor, the less water will penetrate the jacket. In general, 10K is enough for the average recreational skier. If you plan to go backcountry skiing, we recommend buying a 20K jacket to make sure you stay dry if you happen to take a tumble (or two or three).

Ski jacket SALE

At the end of each winter season, all of our ski jackets go on sale. The sale doesn't include jackets from the new collection, but you can find jackets from previous collections for a great price. This is perfect for first-time skiers who don't want to spend a ton of money on a new ski outfit before they know whether the sport is for them. It's also great for experienced skiers looking for an affordable jacket!

Add the finishing touch to your ski outfit

You'll need more than just a ski jacket to hit the slopes. Put together your own Protest ski outfit with matching ski trousers, a few mid layers, and a few thermal tops. Add the finishing touch with matching gloves or mittens, a beanie, suspenders, and warm ski socks. Prefer a one-piece look? Go for a snowsuit instead!


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