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Toddlers Mid layers

The toddler mid layers in our toddlers’ clothing collection are designed to be unisex to suit more children. Coming in a range of eye-catching colours you’ll never lose sight of your little one again when you’re out on the slopes.

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PRTMUTE TD Mid layer




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Our toddlers’ mid layer for skiing is made a a super soft material to care for you little one’s tender skin. The brushed interior will make it seem as if you were holding them yourself so he feels cared for in the toddler mid layer. It's easy to see why parents love our toddler mid layers so much. The toddler mid layer isn’t just comfortable, it’s also extremely practical with breathable qualities. Its moisture wicking capabilities keeps your child dry from the inside so he will be less bothered by moisture that may cause rashes and itches. When worn under a water repellent jacket, it will keep the skin warm and dry all day long. The high neck and long sleeves on the toddlers’ mid layer for skiing protects his soft skin from abrasion when he falls. It also shields him from cold winter chills and helps keep his warm body heat inside. A quarter zipper on the toddler mid layer makes the top so easy to put on and take off your child can learn to do it by themselves. The durable zipper is covered with a piece of soft fleecy fabric at the top to prevent discomfort at the neck. The mid layer for skiing comes in colours that match our toddlers’ ski trousers so they have a matching outfit for winter sports activities. The practical mid layer for skiing will make your kind look the part and feel the part to be ready for the challenges on the slopes.


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