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Toddlers Winter sports trousers

If you want to bring your child along to your next winter sports trip, you need to get a pair toddler winter sports trousers to protect them. They come in a variety of colours and a convenient unisex design to simplify the buying process.

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Buy toddler's winter sports trousers

Made of a robust material that can withstand ups to 10,000 mm of water pressure, our toddler winter sports trousers are part of the Geotech series. The windproof and water repellent fabric will keep your beloved toddler dry and warm all day. It also has great moisture wicking capabilities that help ventilate any stagnant condensation from their skin out to the surface of the toddler winter sports trousers. The winter trousers for toddlers feature an overall style design that provides addition protection for the chest and back. This keeps their torso as protected as their legs for all round shielding from the cold winter elements. You need not worry about them wriggling around as the two shoulder straps will keep the trousers on securely while still providing a comfortable fit. The waistband on the toddler winter sports trousers are elastic and the shoulder straps are adjustable to give a snug and customised fit for your growing child. Belt hoops are available on the waist for the use of a belt to tighten the fit in case it becomes lose. A zipper on the front of the winter trousers for toddlers makes it easy to put on and take off. The zipper is covered with a water resistant flap to make it impermeable to water so moisture won’t come through the cracks. That flap is secured with a durable push button on the top to keep it in a closed position when your child wears it. Take a look at our winter trousers for toddlers and it’ll be easy to see why it is your next logical choice for your child this winter.


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