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Smell Remover 1 Pc Various 1 (Black)

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How does it work? Protest Organic Smell Remover contains an accelerating biotech formula and Eucalyptus. First the Eucalyptus camouflages unpleasant odours and the neutralizing enzymes start to work within 45 minutes. The biotech formula contains more than 53 billion beneficial bacteria per litre, which are activated as soon as the circumstances are ideal (weather, nutrients and humidity). This naturally removes unpleasant odours.

Protest Organic Smell Remover
– Completely removes all odours from sports gear.
– Eco-friendly and sustainable care product.
– Spray over 500 times on: shoes, clothing, helmets, protection and gear
– Works for up to 14 days.
– Dermatologically tested as excellent.

How to use?
– Shake before use.
– Spray the Protest Organic Smell Remover on your sports gear, clothing or shoes, either before or after use.
– Body heat and a humid environment will activate the enzymes that naturally break down unpleasant odours.

Use it on:
Protest Organic Smell Remover removes all unpleasant odours and is suitable for:
– Sportswear such as (dry-fit) shirts, shorts, wetsuits, ski clothing, martial arts clothing, tracksuits, etc.
– Sports gear such as caps, gloves, helmets, shin guards, etc.
– Sport shoes including skiing boots, hiking shoes, running shoes, bowling shoes, etc.

How long will the results last? How often should I spray?
– Protest Organic Smell Remover stays active for up to 14 days after use.
– Since the product is environmental friendly and poses no threat to humans or animals, you can spray it as often as you want.
– The product can be used both before and after activity.
– 100ml of Protest Organic Smell Remover allows you to spray approximately 500 times.

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