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Boys Swimming trunks

Preparing for a trip to the beach or pool? We've got a great range of boys' swimming trunks, with bold, trendy styles to appeal to every boy.

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19 products

PRTADRI JR Swimming trunk

SEK 263.81

SEAN JR Swimming trunk

SEK 242.70

PRTTORIN JR Swim trunk

SEK 189.92
SEK 263.81


SEK 137.13
SEK 263.81

Buy boys' swimming trunks

We've got a whole range of boys' swimming trunks available, in a range of colours, styles and designs. You're sure to find the perfect pair for you! Our swimming trunks for boys are designed so that you can have the best swimming experience out there. You'll cut a streamlined silhouette in our swimming trunks, so you can flash around the pool at your top speed! Our swimming trunks for boys are form-fitting for the best freedom of movement in the water - we don't want anything to hold you back! The inner drawstring ensures that you have an ideal fit for you. Wear our boys’ swimming trunks just as they are, or if you prefer, you can wear them under your boardshorts for extra support and comfort. Whether you're at the beach or the swimming pool, you'll look and feel your best in any of our boys' swimming trunks! Check out the variety of colours we have available in our boys’ swim trunks line. Boys love the cool, masculine colours for a trendy beach or pool look. Go for a bright, vibrant trunk to stand out, or choose one of our cool patterns. The elastic waistband of our swimming trunks for boys is comfortable, and the fabric is quick-drying and gentle, even on the most sensitive skin. You'll find that our boys' swimming trunks are durable and long-lasting, Don't miss out on our cool boys' swimming trunks range. Make the most out of your time at the beach and pool with our practical, on-trend designs that are sure to have people looking your way! You'll feel cool and confident in any of our swimming trunks for boys.


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