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A stylish and good-looking beanie can go a long way to helping your young man stay warm and healthy in winter, so make sure you have a boys' beanie or two ready to go.

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If you want your children to be active and healthy, but are not too keen on them falling ill from cold and damp winter days, there is a way to have both. Boys love to run about out of doors, making messes and exercising their bodies – as do girls, of course – but they are not so good at ensuring their own safety. Stay ahead of the game by making sure they have a cool yet cosy beanie that is easy to wear and readily at hand when outdoor play or snow sports beckons. Keeping your head warm in cold weather is a good way to stay healthy. It will not fend off a virus or an infection, that much has long been known to be a myth: but a cold body's defenses are lower, and it is easier for an illness to take hold if the body is not at optimum temperature. Wearing a cosy beanie hat while enjoying the snow is a good way to keep your body heat where it belongs: inside your body! Children lose heat more easily than adults as they are smaller, so it is vital that your sons, nephews, and other lads wear a warm boys' beanie in colder weather. Is there anything more fun than a boys' beanie with some decoration, like a beanie with pom pom or other decoration? We do not think so! Perhaps you could team a boys' beanie with the rest of their outfit, but always remember the primary emphasis should be on fun, exercise and enjoyment, not appearance. A boys' beanie should be practical and easy to pull on and off – we will save the beanie kids 'hat hair' discussion for another day! – and wearing the beanie should also make him feel good!


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