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Boys Gloves & Mittens

Our boys' gloves & mittens are thoughtfully designed to provide warmth coupled with mobility - perfectly suited for your energetic little boy to wear out in cold winters.

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The boys' gloves & mittens are extended at the cuffs so they can be worn two ways when your child is outdoors; it can be tucked into the sleeve of a jacket for maximum warmth or covering the outside of the sleeve for protection and mobility. A velcro strap is available over the cuff on some models to create a snug fit so the warm air stays in and bitter winds stay out. Composed with a robust soft shell on the outside, our boys' gloves & mittens are waterproof and breathable with a one-way inner membrane. Carefully designed for maximum comfort, rubberised palms maintain structure for a more confident grip and a soft rubber layer on each thumb functions as a gentle nose wipe. A built-in clip-on hook is available in some models to allow the gloves to be firmly attached to a bag strap when not in use to minimise chances of misplacing them. The interior of the ski gloves & mittens are lined with a soft layer of Bemberg’s proprietary comfort lining - a very fine and silky smooth rayon material that provides warmth while maintaining breathability. For maximum warmth and effectiveness, our ski gloves & mittens are crafted to match perfectly with our other junior outer jackets and middle layers in form and function. Our high quality protective ski gloves & mittens are suited for even the most adventurous activities your son will engage in out on the slopes and in the snow such as skiing and snowboarding. Make your little one feel precious and warm even in the cold winter season with our boys' gloves & mittens.


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