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Girls Snowboard jackets

Make sure that your little girl stays nice and warm the next time she goes out snowboarding. When she is wearing one of our fabulous girls' snowboard jackets she will be sure to love the look and feel great in it.

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Our line of girls' snowboard jackets come in several different materials. One of our more common materials is the water repellent fabric that provides a robust structure for the snowboard jacket. As part of our Geotech series of winter sports clothing, they can repel water even at high levels of water pressure, yet remain breathable from the inside. The great moisture wicking properties of the snowboard jacket will allow her to snowboard all day long without discomfort. For colder climates, our quilted girls' snowboard jackets provide extra insulation by forming pockets of air between her warm body heat and the cold ambient temperature. Apart from the fantastic colours and prints on the quilted jacket, there are also variations in the quilting patterns to help her stand out from the crowd. The cuffs on our girls' snowboard jackets may be elastic or have adjustable velcro straps that help keep her body heat in and give a snug fit. The hood protects the head while high collars act as a face mask to protect the neck and chin. Some models that resemble parkas are longer to provide additional protection below the waist. All of our girls' snowboard jackets are designed with built in pockets for your daughter to store her essentials in. They may be covered with a velcro or button flap or closed by zippers to keep its contents safely inside when she gets active on the slopes. What’s more, closable pockets help keep wet snow and moisture out to enhance the snowboard jacket’s waterproofing and keep her personal items safe and dry. With so many convenient features and thoughtful properties, it’s easy to see why our girls' snowboard jackets are an essential in your daughter’s wardrobe. Choose from one of our snowboard jackets to keep her warm and dry this winter.


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