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When your girl goes out on the slopes in winter and snowboards all day long, you may be worried that she’s not well-protected enough. You can put your mind at ease when she wears one of our girls' snowboard trousers.

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Buy girls' snowboard trousers

Our girls' snowboard trousers are woven out of strong, robust materials that keep your daughter warm and safe while she partakes in winter sports activities. The trousers for girls that are a part of our Geotech series are water repellent even at high water pressures to help keep the inside of the trousers dry from the wet snow outside. Though water repellent, it also has breathable qualities that ventilates moisture and wicks sweat off from the skin with ease. This can prevent skin irritation from rashes and itches so she can snowboard all day long all tasty and dry. All of the snowboard trousers have conveniently designed pockets that are useful for storing personal items like wallets and phones. Many of these pockets may be enclosed with either zippers or velcro to keep its contents from falling out when she is active and to keep water from damaging her items. Some trousers have carefully taped seams for enhanced waterproofing and wind proofing. The trousers may have preformed legs to be able to fit comfortable around winter sports footwear. To stay firmly on her waist, some of our girls' snowboard trousers have velcro waistbands to give a snug fit or can be used with a belt around the waist. We also have snowsuits that integrates a winter sports jacket with winter sports trousers or overall style snowboard trousers that provide additional protection for the torso. For a looser fit, we provide snowboard trousers with a generous fit so girls of different sizes can snowboard with our apparel. You can choose from one of our many prints and patterns when buying a girls' snowboard trousers for your daughter.


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