How to find the right mid layer for skiing or snowboarding

So you’re heading to the slopes and you want to make sure that you’re dressed right. We hear you ask ‘what is the best mid layer for alpine skiing or snowboarding?’ or ‘what is the best mid layer for backcountry skiing?’. Whether you are snowboarding, alpine skiing or hiking through the great white yonder, the rules are the same – it’s all about layering.

So do you really need a mid layer for skiing or snowboarding? We think you do! Layering is the technique you need to master to stay comfortable on the slopes. If you do it right you’ll be able to focus on carving up the slopes, not on the fact that you can’t feel you arms!

Discover how to find the right mid layer now!

Your middle layer is your insulating layer. When dressing for the slopes, you use a three layer system. Firstly there’s your base layer, then your mid layer and you wrap it all up in your outerwear. The number one function of the mid layer is warmth, keeping the cold out and the warmth in. The warm air is trapped between the fibres in the fabric to keep you comfortable in the cold.

As the mid layer is in charge of warmth, this is the layer that you will swap out depending on the temperature – a thinner layer in warmer weather, getting thicker as the temperature drops. If it’s extra cold then it’s also an option to double up on your mid layers. And remember adding a mid layer is also easy so pack an extra layer if you think you might need it.

Fit is very important with insulating layers. Your mid layer should fit comfortably over your base layer but not be too bulky when it comes to fitting inside your jacket. You also don’t want your mid layer to be too loose so that it allows the cold air in.

Other properties your mid layer should have is breathability and flexibility. Breathability is super important as that insures that moisture is moved away from the body and not trapped inside your clothing leaving you cold and wet. Flexibility is, of course, also important as you don’t want to be hindered in any way when you’re out there on the slopes so look for a mid layer that has some stretch.

Different types of mid layers

The number one function of the mid-layer is warmth, keeping the cold out and the warmth in. The warm air is trapped between the fibres in the fabric to keep you comfortable in the cold. Here are your options:

Lightweight, insulating and super soft, fleece is one of the best choices for a mid layer. It’s hydrophobic, meaning the fabric will disperse the moisture away from the body. That means that fleece is breathable ensuring great moisture management. Also it’s machine washable, which is handy! Fleece is available in a variety of weights depending on how warm you need it to be. Fleece is a great mid layer and we have Mens, Womens, Boys, Girls and Toddlers mid layers.

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Stretch mid layers
We also have mid layers made from thermo stretch and power stretch tech jersey. These fabrics, like fleece, are insulating and quick drying. This type of mid layer has the added advantage of being elastic, featuring 360degree stretch. This is great for the skiiers and snowboarders who like lots of action and want unrestricted movement. These are also machine washable. We have Mens, Womens, Boys and Girls stretch mid layers.

And what about your legs? Generally your legs stay warmer and don’t need a mid layer. But if you are the kind of person who feels the cold everywhere, consider adding a base layer under your trousers. We have some great thermal leggings for men and women.

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So there you have it. Your mid layer is an important part of your kit so it’s a serious decision. It needs to be insulating, warm and flexible. Check out our wide selection of mid layer ski clothing. You can’t go wrong with our range of mid layers, tried and tested on the slopes everywhere.