Enjoy the ride.

Protest announced winners of latest ‘Enjoy the ride’ campaign

Back in November we have asked you to pitch us your dream trip. We have been so overwhelmed by all your awesome entries! Two lucky participants won the dream trip of a lifetime, that’s one snow trip and one surf trip. We’ve enjoyed reading all the pitches and it’s been so hard choosing just two entries. But we have chosen! The winners are; Yorick Leusink for the winter snow trip and Riemkje Poortinga for the summer surf trip!

Check out these awesome videos, which inspired the participants in the Enjoy the ride campaign:
Dream trip – Snow video
Dream trip – Surf video

Keep an eye on our Instagram accounts to check out the amazing content our winners will create!


Yorick Leusink
Yorick is an adventure film maker. He has been shooting surf, snow and kite video’s for the last few years. Currently he started a new personal project which at its core is a short form travel show which showcases locations, activities, countries and more in short 1 minute videos. For a new chapter he would love to fill this concept with skilled Protest riders and tour in search of epic snow conditions.

Riemkje Poortinga
Her dream destination is somewhere in the Far East, off the beaten path. Along with the incense, temples and spicy curry, there is surf and snow. With good reason, they call it ‘Incredible India’.
Pristine nature, palm trees, crystal clear water, epic waves and an empty line up. In Kashmir at the foot of the Himalayas, you can also snowboard. She is the founder of BoardChick. Surfing and snowboarding are her passions; her dream holiday is to do both of these in one trip.

Dream trip - Snow

Dream trip - Surf