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Rider update: Mees is back!

Check out his session in Bispingen.

We are super stoked for Mees, who is finally able to step back on his skis after a long recovery. One of his first sessions was in Bispingen, Germany – and he just couldn’t wait to get there!

“When I saw the pictures of the rail park they’ve built in Bispingen I knew I had to get there as soon as possible, so I made a plan to film a video there together with Niklas Huften.

As I was suffering from a knee injury I had to wait for 8 months to be able to step back into my skis. I took the opportunity to get my rail tricks back in a way that suits me, with indoor skiing. Growing up in the Netherlands it almost felt nostalgic to progress so much in a short period of time, in just a fridge.

I’m really happy with how everything worked out, plus with everything being filmed it pushed me to really get the best tricks out of my bag!”