25 okt 2016


3 min.

Kaspar Hamminga is the new Dutch National Champ!

Protest Team Riders Kaspar Hamminga and Roy van Eijk competed in the Dutch Surf Championships 2016 which took place last week. They both had a good session in the quarter finals, which granted them a place in the semi’s. This turned out to be a very exciting heat, because they had to face each other! After a good start from Roy it was Kaspar who was ranked 2nd, and since the two best surfers moved on to the final, the tournament was over for Roy, unfortunately.

The final took place at the 19th of October and was very exciting with some good surfing. Kaspar’s start was good, but he lost the lead quickly to Pascal van der Mast. The match was in balance; after every wave the situation could be different. With just 15 minutes left on the clock Kaspar was placed 3rd, but after a good wave he completed his score and didn’t lose his first place anymore. National champion! We are of course super stoked for him, and asked him a couple of questions after the match.

All photos by: MITCH Photography

Kaspar, congrats! First things first, how did you celebrate your victory?
Thanks! We visited a local bar in Mimizan-plage with everyone from the match. We all needed a drink after all the hard work and the long days of surfing, waiting and surfing again. It was a nice little party 😉

Sounds great! And can you tell us a little bit more about your preparations for the tournament?
My preparation for the event took at least a year. Beside Protest I am also supported by ‘Team Gezond aan Zee’ (Team Healthy at Sea). This is a sport performance team which includes a physical, mental and nutrition coach and a physiotherapist. They’ve helped me a lot and made sure that I am fit and in shape in all different ways. Together with this preparation it’s just a matter of surfing a lot through the whole year.

What was it like to surf against a Protest teammate, Roy van Eijk?
Actually you don’t think about it too much during the surf sessions. Teammate or friend, you’ll do everything to win he match at that moment. After the events we shook hands and our friendship was like before. No hard feelings!

Well, happy to hear that of course! Final question: Are you going to defend your title next year?
Of course I’m competing in this event next year! It will be another year of hard work and dedication but in the end I’ll do everything to win a match. Getting results and successful championships like this after a period of intensive training and hard work, that’s what makes this all so awesome.