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If you haven’t seen the edit above I would highly recommend it. In the video you’ll find the introduction of our brand new snow riders Isabelle and Veroniqi Hanssen.


The Hanssen sisters are Dutch and grew up in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. The Netherlands isn’t quite the winter sport mecca you’d expect, so both the sisters spent most of their days at a skiing hall in the most southern part of Holland.


Is the professional freestyle skier of the duo. With competitive spirit Isabelle decided to lay low on the competitions for a while and focus on improving her skills. Good skiing takes time and we are more than happy to support her pursuing that dream. If you’d like to learn more about Isabelle you should definitely check out her profile over here.

“Sometimes skiing is the hardest thing you do in life and sometimes skiing gets you through the hardest times in life.” – Isabelle Hanssen


Isabelle Hanssen


“I’m inspired by people who relentlessly pursue their dreams. By people who create art or videos that challenge you to think. By snowboarders who make their riding look effortless and by those who stand up for what they believe in & much more.” – Veroniqi Hanssen

Having to commute at least five to six hours to get to their nearest snow hall, Veroniqi was determined to snowboard at least as long as the commute to the hall. I guess you could say she really really likes snowboarding! Learn more about Veroniqi over here.

Welcome to the family, Ladies! We are stoked to have you on our team.