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Our 2017/2018 snow collection for women is here!

This winter we are back with active wear for women that looks awesome and performs even better. With our new trendy snow-wear you can project a confident and eye-catching look on and off the piste.


We are no stranger to faux furs! The Canwood is the next step in our evolution. The incredible distinct faux fur jacket also features a touch to the wild. It can be worn as an everyday fashion statement or on the slopes on those sunnier warmer days thanks to the integrated waist gaiter.

Faux-fur > fur


The plaid outdoorsy look has been in staple for fashion forwards folks. Now we are introducing the hyper hip item into the casual and cool vernacular of snow gear with the Tolsona. The ultimate street to slopes item.

Conquer the mountains!

Sleeveless suit

Go check out our Saddle snow dungaree and the Yaku snowsuit! Enjoy the full protection and comfort of high performance and technical snow wear with the freedom to vary, mix and alter your style by layering with our sleeveless wear. It’s the complete solution that’s not only classy but also projects a hint of mystique and adventure.

Go sleeveless!

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This is just the tip of the iceberg! Don’t miss out on the rest of our new snow collection for women. Discover more over here.