7 Jul 2017


5 min.

How to prepare for your surf trip | 10 tips

Finally it’s here. Summertime. You’ve probably been eagerly counting down the months till the weather is good enough to go surfing. Whether or not you’re hitting up the first ten days at a surfcamp in France, or you’re an old hand whose gonna shred some fat waves in Indonesia, a surftrip is always exciting. This summer we want you to experience the best possible ride. To help you accomplish this noble task we have 10 tips to help you prepare for next your adventure.


1. You gotta have balls

Surfing is much more intense when it’s you that’s in the water, and now you have to brave a wall of water. You need balls for that. Lots of balls, preferably a thousand of them, brightly coloured, and loaded into a trailer.

2. Strip down and get naked.

According to our teamrider, two-time Dutch surf champion Kaspar Hamminga, it’s smart to unscrew your fins from your board before you store it in your board bag. That way you’ll have more space to stack boards. More boards+different waves=better odds for a sick ride.

3. Get a waxjob.

After last winter the odds are pretty good you still have a little winter-fuzz. You know that’s gotta go. You’re probably thinking about your bikini line, but no, I’m talking about your surfboard. If you’re bringing your own surfboard there’s probably still a layer of cold-water wax from last winter. If you are surfing somewhere where the water is a bit warmer, that wax will melt really fast. Then, if also don’t trim your bikini line, you can expect some wax up in it. #notchillbelieveme. Buy a warm-water wax and give that plank a nice new layer. That way you’ll stay put!

4. Do touristy things at home so you can surf more abroad!

You’re going for the surf, but you also want one of those hip ocean mega-swing photos at Gili Trawanga? You can do that back home! It’s more original to boot. This tip knocks out two birds with one stone; you’re also working on your stability.

5. Listen to your mother

She’s right. Bring sunscreen. That pasty body of yours hasn’t seen a speck of sunlight in months and now it’s going to get a full load of Vitamin Sea and D. That requires some preparation. Get some good thick Zinc for your face. That stuff stays on and doesn’t sting your eyes. For the rest of your body, specifically your calves and behind your knees, smother it SPF 50 about thirty minutes before diving into the water. Wearing a wetsuit or lycra is also always a possibility.
Something else, if your mom wants you to be home more often, go surfing at their place. Like Protest rider Gaspard Larsonneur, he knows how to prepare.

6. Get all meteorological

Did you know you can predict great waves? Sites like give a pretty good idea how the waves are gonna be. Prevent disappointment and look up the forecast. Worst case, you go to a different spot. Like your garden.

7. Gargle some salt-water

This is inevitable, might as well get used to it 😉

8. Charge your camera batteries and bring them!

On all fronts a good idea. While grabbing your buddies nasty wipeout is something you’re will want to share on @kookoftheday, analysing video footage of your skills can really bring you to the next level. Good surf schools use video analysis for a reason. Besides, then you’ll have some sick shots to share from your adventure.

9. Offline Spotify

Open Spotify and make your own #preparetogetthere playlist so you can enjoy all the best tracks completely offline. As far as we know a surftrip without music doesn’t exist. Just imagine a fifteen-hour drive to Biarritz without music: #hell.

10. Be creative

There are of course many more ways to prepare for a surftrip. Actually we want to see what you do to prepare. Post a video on Instagram with your personal preparation. Don’t forget the #preparetogetthere hashtag, otherwise we won’t be able to find you, and that’ll be a real shame. We’ll promote the best videos on our channels, so keep on eye on our social media.

Have fun & don’t let anything stand between you and your board!