10 Aug 2017


2 min.

The INDO edits; From Lombok with love

Here’s the thing: Surfers are a crazy bunch of people.

We travel miles away from home to score some long rides without having to wear all of the neoprene.

While our parents raised us with the notion that sharing is caring, it’s not always fun to share waves.
Well, it’s fun to share waves with our friends and watch them get pitted. It’s maybe even more fun to share when the waves suck, like we saw last week in Canggu.

Pristine surf is hard to come by these days, but if you travel far enough you will find that there are still some breaks left that remain untouched by the masses. For now.

So what do we do when the water is crowded?
We travel some more.

We take planes, we take busses. We drive fast motorbikes and we take boats that sink 50% of the time. All to get out there and beat the crowds. Crazy, right?

This week our lovely group of friends was able to find one of those breaks. We’re not going to tell you where the exact spot is, because part of the fun is finding the wave and getting al fired up!

However, what we will tell you is that you have to take the boat from Lombok to get there! Too bad there’s nothing else you can do there besides surfing and eating, but then again what else do you really need?

Anyways, let’s see some surfing!