7 Aug 2017


3 min.

Lost luggage

“We watched the charts for North West Africa for months waiting for everything to come together for one of the best rights in the world to turn on. It’s a wave I’ve always dreamed of scoring and when it was green lit my friends Egor and Yurgs were frothing to jump on the mission.

A few hours after making the call we were on the road chatting about potentially getting the waves of our lives. We arrived tired, but alive with adrenaline and were devastated to find that Royal Air Moroc had lost all of our boards and wetsuits, the hire car that we had booked was not found on the system and we were looking at literally turning round and getting a flight home.

Luckily we made the call to find a new car and to hit the road to at least witness this magnificent wave in real life. Yurgs had a local friend called Mehdi and after arriving he said he had some gear we could potentially borrow. The next day it was firing. Some of the best waves I’ve ever seen, but the water was freezing cold and the old summer wetsuit I borrowed was like surfing in boardies leaving me shivering, stiff and unable to surf properly. The board was pretty bad too which was a combo that just wouldn’t work.

After a short time I had to get out and watch guys getting mind blowing pits for 100’s of metres. In the evening the tide was wrong but I managed to borrow a different wetsuit and snagged a few tubes that made the trip worthwhile.

The next day the swell died and we headed back to the airport where our boards had arrived. Then we headed to North to check out the ancient city of Rabat. We found a fun left that only lasted an hour before the tide got too low but it was so fun.

It wasn’t quite the trip we had planned on, but it was a great experience and sometimes even just seeing the potential of a break and how it works can be extremely valuable. I can’t wait for the next swell and with my own boards and suits it will hopefully be the trip of a lifetime! On the way home we traveled back with TAP Portugal and they lost our boards again for two weeks.

I think I might drive next time!!” – Oli Adams